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In & Around Pondicherry

Aayi Mandapam

AAYI MANDAPAM the emblem of the Puducherry Government. Once called as “Place du Pantheon”.The Aayi Mandapam, which is the official symbol of the Pondicherry Government has been built by Napoleon III, in Aayi's memory. It was built during the sixteenth century. ...

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AUROVILLE was envisioned as a Universal Town, It is an attempt to realize a new society by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother Nearly 2000 people from 35 countries are living here.Auroville - or the 'City of Dawn' - was conceived as a place of research into the ideal of human...

8.6kmFrom Hotel

Pondicherry Museum

THE PONDICHERRY MUSEUM  artifacts from the excavations at Arikamedu which brings back the memories of the past Pondicherry, from the days of Greco-Roman era, Pallava and Cholla days.Pondicherry Museum located on Saint Louis street, is open on all days exce...

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Manakula Vinayagar Temple

MANAKUALA VINAYAGAR TEMPLE was in existence before the French came and settled in Pondicherry. The Temple was constructed on the banks of a sandy pond and in view of it only it is called as Manakula Vinayagar Temple.It is open to the public daily between 05.45 - 12.30 hrs and ...

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Chunnambar Boat House

CHUNNAMBAR BOAT HOUSE a backwater lake has facilities for boating and drops in a small Island.


12.1kmFrom Hotel

Ousteri Lake

OUSTERI LAKE also called as OUSSUDU, one of the biggest lake and major drinking water supplier in those days. Now it is opened for the tourists for boat ride.


13.2kmFrom Hotel

Pondicherry Beach

It is already famous for its Indo-French heritage and architecture, but these beaches in Pondicherry  offer even more reasons to visit the charming city. While Pondicherry’s Promenade Beach is more of a sea-facing pathway than a b...

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Sacred Heart Church

SCARED HEART CHURCH the 17th & 18th century, an oriental splendor of Gothic influence has beautiful stained glass panels depicting saints and events from the life of Christ.


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Panchavadi temple lies in between Tindivanam and Pondicherry main road, Exactly near Thiruchitrambalam Cross Road, one of the tallest anjaneyar statue in the world is erected here only.If you move from Tindivanam to pondicherry you may find the temple Panchavatee at 29th kilometer. From pondic...

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Pichavaram is located near Chidambaram in Cuddalore district,Tamilnadu, in Southindia. The nearest railway station is Chidambaram from where it is accessible by road. The Pichavaram Mangrove Forest near Chidambaram, South India, by the Bay of Bengal is the world's third largest mang...

82.2kmFrom Hotel

Gingee Fort

To know about the Fort from Pre-historic time clear evidence were not available. With some of the collected details, historians framed the history of Gingee Fort.In comparison with evidences available from other sources like the evidence of rock-cut inscription of Jain monk Chandranandhi, from...

79.5kmFrom Hotel

Alampara Fort

Alamparai was a seaport in historical times. The place had other names like Alamparva and Alampuravi. The fort built during the Mughal reign ( 1736-1740 CE) was initially under the control of the Nawab of Arcot, Doste Ali Khan but later on was handed over to the French. After the Carnatic wars...

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